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Online Info Features of NetBasic


A centralized installed CGI environment is available to all users sharing the CGI scripts. You can make your site more effective by accessing as http://yoursite/cgi-bon/{cgi}to use the following CGI scripts without the need of installation:

1. Formmail - Online Data Submission Gateway

You can use data submission form within your site, and the data submitted will be mailed to your NetMail POP3/IMAP mail box. By default the formmail script, you can place an Web order form in any webpage you like. Everytime your customers submit their data on the order from, you can receive all those data from your email box immediately.

2. Page Courter - Courts Visits to Your Homepage

You can put a counter on ay page of your site. The counter will court increment by 1 everytime it is loaded. With an available of page courter script, you can know how many guests have entered into your site daily. The script also let you to reset the page counter to any number you like with password protection setting. If any userid or password error is existed, the message will be showed on the counter.

3. Advertising banner - Place Dynamic Graphics in Your Website

You can place a graphical advertising banner on your home page to control the rotation and frequency of your banner. The CGI allows a maximum of 40 banners in the file. You can place up to 20 sets of different banners. Your users can see different advertising banner rotating when everytime they enter into your site.

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