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About domain name

How to apply a new domain name ?

Steps to apply .com domain name

Steps to apply .hk (, or domain name

What is a domain name ?

A domain name is a unique name given to each website on the Internet. For example, OR

Without a domain name, Internet users around the word won't be able to find your website. Most organisations and companies will have their own domain name, therefore, other computer users can remember and find their website easy!

What is the use of a domain name ?

When a domain name is registered by you, you will be the only registrant. No one can modify or transfer it without your approval. No one can register the same domain name unless you delete it. Therefore, a domain name can be used to create a professional image website (e.g. on the Internet. A domain name can also be used to setup email addresses (e.g. for sending and receiving email messages - a very professional, popular and convenient way to communicate with each other in the Intenet!

What is the difference between .com and .hk domain ?


It is an US domain and an individual or organisation can apply

.hk ( / /

It is a Hong Kong domain and only HK business organisation can apply. To apply for such domain name(s), the organisation should have a valid document to prove its identity. For example, a valid Hong Kong Business Registration (HKBR) is needed for applying domain, a valid Certificate of Registration fro applying domain and a valid Certificate of Registration of a School for applying domain. Each registered Hong Kong business organisation can apply one and only one .hk domain

Which type of domain name can you apply ?

You can apply the below types of domain name :

.com : an individual or an organisation can apply : HK business organisations with a valid HKBR can apply : registered organisations like charity or non-profit making bodies can apply : educational organisations typically school or college can apply

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