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General Terms and Conditions:
  • Comdex system expressly disclaims any liability for (i) any claim based in contract, tort, or otherwise for any loss of revenue (whether direct or indirect), loss of profits or any consequential loss whether of an economic nature or not including, without limitation, any such loss which the client suffers (ii) any claim relating to goods or services supplied, provided, sold or made available by or through Comdex system;and (iii) any disruption or suspension of Comdex system or any part thereof which is attributable to an event or circumstance beyond Comdex system's control includes but is not limited to acts of God, war, flood, fire, explosion, civil disobedience, governmental action, legislation not in force at the time of this Agreement, restraints imposed by governments or any other regulatory authorities, labour disputes, trade disputes or delays of third parties (other than subcontractors) over which Comdex system has no control.
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  • Comdex system will invoice the clients with all Fees incurred by the client specified in the invoice.
  • The client agrees to pay the full amount of such invoice (including any applicable taxes, tariffs, duties or impositions of a similar nature levied by any governmental or other authority). Such payment (or deduction) to be made by the due date for payment as specified on the invoice, without set-off or deduction.
  • If the client has not paid any invoice by the due date, Comdex system reserves the right to charge interest on any outstanding amount at 2% per month until the invoice has been paid in full by the client and to charge a restoration fee if the client's service is suspended or terminated before payment is made.
  • Comdex system may terminate this Agreement and the Subscriber's service at any time on the giving of one calendar month's notice to the client or immediately by notice to the client if the client breaches any term of this Agreement or if the client's use of or actions in connection with the use of service are inappropriate, in Comdex system's sole opinion, with the continued use of and/or subscription to Comdex system service.
  • All services provided by Comdex system are provided "as is". Comdex system is not responsible to any dispute of the client with third parties by using Comdex system services.
  • Comdex system can terminate service of any clients immediately if the client (i) affect the normal operation of Comdex system; (ii) act violate any law; (iii) affect other clients of Comdex system; (iv) is complaint of violation of any public interest of HK. Comdex system will refund any unused service charge upon termination.
  • Comdex system is not responsible to availability of domain name and any services.
  • The Subscriber shall assume sole and full responsibility for any access to and use of the Service by means of the Subscriber's password and shall be responsible and liable for and shall indemnify Comdex system in respect of all liabilities for all use of the Service by means of his password and for all costs incurred for such use of the Service and not with standing the use may be without the Subscriber's consent.
  • In the event of the theft, loss, or unauthorised person having the password, the Subscriber shall notify Comdex system immediately by telephone and also provide written notice as soon as practicable. Without prejudice to Comdex system's discretion , the Subscriber shall remain liable for use of the Service by any third party until Comdex system has received actual notice of such event from the Subscriber requesting suspension of the Service.
  • The client must pay setup charge and periodic service prepayment in advance with any application of service where applicable.
  • Any termination of service from the client must be made one calender month or 30 days in advance whichever longer.
  • All setup charges and prepayments are not refundable.
  • Comdex system reserves the right to change its terms without prior notice.
  • Payment:
    • All service charges are paid either quarterly or monthly every year except with extra agreement by Comdex system.
    • All payments should be made according to method written in invoice.
    • Partial or payment with additional terms are not accepted.

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